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Bavaria - Radler ice lemon

For the Dutch brewer Bavaria, Smart ice developed a Radler ice pop. A sparkling fresh and frozen Bavaria Radler on a stick. Ice cold the best you can get. This true refreshing sensation is a real treat on hot summer days. The Bavaria Radler ice is available in the summer of 2017 in almost all the large supermarkets in The Netherlands, a.o. Albert Heijn.

Check the Bavaria website for more information.

Frozzies - vegetables and fruit ice

Under the Frozzies brand, Smart ice deliveres vegetables and fruit ice pops to Albert Heijn (the largest supermarket in The Netherlands). Frozzies contain vitamins and minerals and no added sugar. One ice pop has only 24 to 28 kCal. Another Smart ice revolution in the fridge.

Check the Frozzies website for more information.

SAPP - Fresh fruit juices

Smart ice launched fruit juices onto the market under the name Sapp. These juices are found in the frozen foods isle at Jumbo Supermarkets, next to the frozen fruits. Sapp is a premium product. It combines excellent freshness with a long shelve life, something that is impossible without the Smart ice technology. Sapp is 100% natural and offers convenience. Fresh without a juicer no more sticky hands, no more cleaning the juicer and always available at home.

Regular fruit juices can be frozen, but freezing damages the molecules and the vitamins crystallize out of the ice. Upon thawing flakes form and the flavor gets lost. Sapp is different. The Smart ice technology completely retains the big molecules and prevents the juice from separating. As it’s supposed to be. This technology also makes it possible to export fresh juices because the degeneration process is paused.

Sgropin - Scroppino originale

Smart ice developed a premium scroppino and is launching it under the brand name Sgropin. Scroppino is a traditional, Italian ice cream cocktail that is on the menu in the better hospitality establishments. Sgropin is based on the original Venetian recipe but is improved, using the Smart ice technology.

This technology binds all the molecules together and ensures that they get the same freezing properties. This makes it possible for Smart ice to freeze alcohol at -18 degrees Celsius instead of at -112 degrees Celsius. In addition, we freeze carbonated products. This, too, is unique, and the results are baffling.

Ice-o-tonic - Sports drink

Ice-o-tonic is a high tech sports drink that cools the body from the inside out and refills vitamins and minerals. This leads to better sports achievements. And it tastes good and is refreshing, too! Ice-o-tonic is 100% natural, exclusively contains good sugars (glucose and dextrose) and stevia as a flavor enhancer. A must for every athlete who takes themselves seriously.

See the website of Ice-o-tonic for more information.

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