Looking for champions? The Smart ice technology is groundbreaking and unique in the world. A growth accelerator with unlimited possibilities.

What started with a passion for making ice cream

Years ago, Marcel Heidbuurt, the founder of Smart Ice, had a chain of ice cream parlors in the Netherlands and Belgium. These parlors were known for the excellent quality of their ice and an exclusive appearance.

Marcel always used the best quality ingredients to prepare his ice cream and was extremely creative in developing new ice creams that were technically impossible before, like ice cream with medication. One of the biggest challenges turned out to be the prevention of those ingredients separating and the lining up of the differing tipping points in the phase transition from liquid to solid state.

Marcel has a background in polymer chemistry and graduated on his research on chemical analyses of organic synthesis, polymer chemistry. This technological knowledge came in very useful in the development of excellent, high quality ice cream that had not yet been available on the market.

During the development, Marcel came to the discovery that he had made something very special. Seized by the endless possibilities of this groundbreaking technology, the thriving chain was sold. The proceeds were invested in further R&D to refine this technology. With this, Marcel had built the foundations of the current Smart ice, the most innovative Ice Tech company in the world.

is now an ice-tech innovation company

Smart ice literally means smart ice. And this is exactly what it is. Smart ice supplies intelligent solutions to innovation issues to make the difference.

The roots of Smart ice are in ice cream technology, but our knowhow reaches beyond that. Smart ice also homogenizes liquids without freezing them. That is interesting for example for suppliers of vegetable and fruit juices that have issues because their products separate.

In the past years, Smart ice did R&D processes with different parties. We developed an isotone sports drink that cools the body from the inside, launched frozen fruit juices, sped up ice rinks and made them more energy efficient, too many to mention. And it doesn’t stop there. The possibilities are limitless.

Smart ice is an enterprise with the biggest ambitions that fit the possibilities of our technology. We are looking to collaborate with solid partners to conquer the world together. Our technology given them a sustainable competitive advantaged that can’t be copied. The quality of products improves significantly, the shelve life is elongated, energy is saved and new markets come within reach.

The Smart ice technology is really a growth accelerator. But only for partners that can handle the growth.

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Our innovative technology offers you sustainable competitive advantage.
In other words, growth, rocket powered by Smart ice!

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